Welcome to veganvermont.com our mission is driven by vegan/plant-based principles, social justice initiatives, compassion for all sentient beings, spiritual well-being and environmental crisis concerns.

Plant-based Patti Approved Eateries:

Vegans embrace a balanced diet of
vegetables, fruits, grains, beans, herbs, nuts and seeds.

Being vegan equals cherishing life, knowing that each day compassion is demonstrated and respect for all sentient beings is expressed.

Vegans believe that all animals have a right to a life free from abuse and slaughter.

Veganism promotes non-violence and equality.

Vegans do not wear leather. Nor do they eat honey.

Initial Goals:

  1. To promote veganism in Vermont one eatery at a time, with a primary goal of effectuating change that will result in at least two vegan options.

  2. To educate and empower those interested in transitioning to a vegan/plant-based lifestyle through my blogs; as well as vegan cooking classes and other related events.

  3. To reject all forms of animal exploitation and to fully support animal advocacy with compassion.

  4. To safeguard our environment by committing to reuse, reduction, recycling and composting.

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Sandiwood Farm Vermont
Photo: Stephen Schneps
Sandiwood Farm Vermont
Photo: Stephen Schneps